Lisa Keifer pulls bread from the cart at Crumbs Bakery on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2014. Bread is made 3 times a week and is made with organic flour at the bakery. 

Andie Hardy takes a break sitting outside Crumbs Bakery on 94 Columbus Road in Athens, Ohio.  Renting space from ACEnet allowed the company to rent kitchen space and an area for their storefront to sell their products. ©2014 Krystina Beach

(From right) Andie Hardy, Ben Bibee, and Sasha Shasteen form blocks of cracker dough to be rolled flat, then baked. Tuesday is known as cracker day at the bakery, because it is when they make the garlic wheat, spelt, wheat, garlic spelt, rye, and peppercorn crackers. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Every Saturday morning, staff come in at four in the morning to begin work for their busiest day of the week. For 17 years the bakery has rented the space at ACEnet, which is used to bake their products, package, sort, and prepare them for deliveries. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Lisa Keifer and Pat Fisher banter back and forth, laughing and making jokes often. Early mornings in the kitchen are anything but quiet, between the music, conversation, and noise from all the equipment. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Workers roll out numerous pieces of dough to be braided into a loaf of challah bread. Every loaf of bread, no matter what kind, gets kneaded by hand before it is baked. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Wendy Randquist hugs a loaf of Crumbs bestseller Birdseed bread to squeeze the air from the bag. The workers joke around saying that every loaf of bread is made with love because it gets a hug before it leaves. ©2014 Krystina Beach

(From left) Lisa Keifer walks up to the loading dock as Elias Ziyati, Pat Fisher, and owner Jeremy Bowman pack the truck up for the farmers market.  The work begins at 4 a.m. so that they can have their baked goods ready to leave for the farmers market around 9 a.m. every Saturday. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Three-year-old Abigail Mann, 3, reaches up to grab the muffin her mother, Sarah Mann, just bought from Crumbs at the farmers market. Other than their sales at local grocery stores like Kroger and Seaman’s Cardinal Super Market, the farmers market at the Athens Mall is where they do their best in sales. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Although she started her college career as a journalism major, the reverend says she ignored her call to ministry for years. Finally recognizing she wanted to be a minister she told her mother who responded,  “Well, I’m not surprised. It took you long enough to get there.” ©2014 Krystina Beach

Reverend Deanna Straw prepares the hymns for the upcoming weeks at the First Christian Church in Athens, Ohio, on January 22, 2014. In addition to reading and choosing hymns, the reverend does approximately two hours of reading in preparation for each minute of her weekly sermons. ©2014 Krystina Beach

Deanna makes trips multiple times a week to The Laurels of Athens to visit her mother, Judy Hook. After being diagnosed with diabetes and kidney failure, Judy was started on dialysis five years ago. Three years ago when physically caring for her mother started to become a job in itself, Deanna moved her mother into the Laurels so she could get the full care she needed. ©2014 Krystina Beach

After Mike brings back Deanna’s favorite diet soda, Diet Pepsi, from the vending machine he earns a look from Judy and a laugh from Deanna, after which they share stories about numerous other times they have made the mistake. During their visits to the Laurels either Deanna or Mike will typically make the trip down to the vending machine to get a bottle of Diet Coke for Judy. ©2014 Krystina Beach

In the family area at the Laurels, Deanna’s husband, Mike Straw, and her mother, Judy, wait patiently during a game of Uno while Deanna pauses the game to respond to a church related text message. The reverend makes herself available for emergencies at all times and happily notes the congregation knows when to reach out and when to draw the line respecting her life outside the church. ©2014 Krystina Beach

On her Fridays off, Deanna meets her friend Andrea Stern at Donkey Coffee on Washington Street in Athens. When they started meeting up Andrea would bring art supplies and craft, and not too long after that Deanna started bringing stickers and her book that is dedicated to the art she makes with Andrea. ©2014 Krystina Beach